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WP1: Project Management.

Leader: Xabec Vocational Training Centre.

The  objective of this work package is to have overall control of the  project management, ensuring that objectives are met with the desired  quality within the required timeframe and within budget.

In addition, the project management group will formulate the management reports, both internal and external. They will guarantee the communication and valorisation in cooperation with WP 6 and in cooperation with WP 6 they will guarantee the quality of the project and continuous monitoring and evaluation.

WP2: Research and Analysis.

Leader: İzmit Teknik Lise ve Endüstri.

Following the indications of the European Commission that doesn’t want to homogenise the educations systems, this WP aims to understand what is being done in each country in order to adapt and implement the Mobility Handbook.

This is the reason why it is necessary to make a complete analysis of the situation in each country. This analysis must cover the structure of education system, existing legal requisites for recognition process, national and local authorities involved.

In addition, each partner needs to know the ECVET concepts involved in the description of units based in LEARNING OUTCOMES (LO) and the qualification recognition process.

The research and analysis will show in detail the needs and requirements for the process of implementing the mobility handbook

WP3: Transferring the Model: Building the Mobility Handbook

Leader: Dudley College.

The aim of WP 3 is to transfer and transfer the Mobility Handbook from Xabec to the other participant schools, in order to increase the quality of mobility making possible the recognition of qualifications acquired in the receiving school. This work is necessary to define the possible mobilities between partners, which will be done in WP 4.

WP4 : Mobility Tools

Leader: ROC West Brabant.

The aim of this work package is to determine the feasible mobility between partners using the results of WP 2 and 3, as well as design the documents necessary for mobility.

Each school has to:

  1. determine the LO from other schools suitable for mobility

  2. determine which are the possible students’ mobility

  3. determine which are the possible teacher’s mobility

  4. design the necessary documents for mobility

WP5: Valorisation Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer

Maintenance Education Consortium.

The main objective of this WP is to make available to the relevant European stakeholders the results achieved, the project’s experience, best practices detected and the general knowledge acquired by the consortium. The work of valorisation is therefore an important part from the start, during and after the project

WP6: Quality Assurance

Maintenance Education Consortium.

This WP involves all project partners, and is oriented to promote a cooperative and goal oriented work while keeping the quality of the project. The aim of this WP is twofold: on the one hand to continuous monitoring of project progress, products and results, and on the other, to produce the periodical internal project evaluation reports.

WP 7: Coordination of Project Mobility and Transnational Meetings

Handwerkskammer Koblenz.

We preferred to gather all the international meetings in a single work package in order to let the other Work Packages free of this responsibility, so they can focus on the development of their objectives.  In addition this tasks distribution can facilitate the budget management and the development of administrative tasks.

The objective of this WP is the management and coordination of transnational meetings.

If  for some special circumstances, unpredictable, a special meeting was necessary, the WP leader may organize a special meeting, to resolve outstanding difficulties or conflicts.  If this is the case, there won’t be additions to the budget