ROC West-Brabant is comprised of eight vocational education and training hunger games book 2 colleges in the south of the Netherlands. The ROC WB aims to be a training provider of high quality education for all people, irrespective their age, background or social position.

The education and training we offer aims to qualify people for the demands of the labor market, thus enhancing their opportunities for a better position in society; to contribute to people’s personal development; to prepare people to function better in a multicultural, diverse and complex society.

ROC WB has about 26 000 students in vocational education and 2 500 staff members and invests in a “one step up” policy, implementing lifelong learning pathways. ROC WB is an active member of the European Forum for VET (EFVET) and cooperates with the European pay to write papers Vocational Training Association (EVTA). The implementation of ECVET has a high priority.