İzmit Vocational High School was founded in 1945-1946 Academic Year. We have 2977 students in day classes from 9th grade to 12th grade, between the ages of 14-18 and 1002 trainees in open education. There are eight departments as,  Information Technologies, Electric Electronic Technologies, Chemistry Technologies, Industrial Automation Technologies, Machine Technologies, Motor Vehicle Technologies, Metal Technologies, and Wooden Technologies. There are 60 training shops in 6 buildings. 10 administrative staff, 235 teachers, 30 technicians are working in our school. At the moment 670 of our student are attending job training in 140 different work places. Our Chemical Tech. Laboratory and Automotive Laboratory are funded by several industrial institutions.

Our aims are:

  • To raise up to level of developed countries,
  • To improve the students vocationally and socially
  • To enable the students to reach the information that they need,
  • Open to industrial developments and having broad world-view