ROC West-Brabant is comprised of eight vocational education and training colleges. The ROC WB aims to be a training provider of high quality education for all people, irrespective their age, background or social position. The education and training we offer aims to qualify people for the demands of the labor market, thus enhancing their opportunities for a better position in society; to contribute to people’s personal development; to prepare people to function better in a multicultural, diverse and complex society. ROC WB has about 26,000 students in vocational education, 20,000 in general education and 2500 staff members. ROC WB also provides courses on demand and staff development training programmes for companies. Finally, ROC WB is authorised to assess, validate and recognise learning outcomes gained outside our fomal education system (non-formal and informal learning).

Student mobility and further cooperation with European partner schools are strategic priorities of ROC WB. In the overall policy ROC WB states the wish to employ European cooperation to improve the quality and attractiveness of our vocational training. ROC West-Brabant will actively participate in all the project activities and work packages.

ROC WB has extensive experience in the organisation of student mobility. Furthermore, through the participation in the EURIAC transfer of innovation project ROC WB gains experience with the developments of the necessary tools and documents to organise student mobility.

This experience will be used to coordinate WP 4 in this project. Therefore, ROC WB will be the the leader of Work Package 4: the mobility tools. In addition ROC WB will actively participate in building their own Mobility Handbook (WP3) and in coordination with all departments from other schools will draw the Mobility Matrix.

They will also participate in dissemination activities