Mobility during learning period is one of the main priorities of the strategic framework Education and Training 2020 (2009/C 119/02) and the Bruges Communiqué, which together set out the European policy for Vocational Education and Training (VET).

In order to make mobility truly effective, all the learning outcomes achieved abroad easy online jobs for college students by the student – by practical as well as theoretical training- should be recognised in the home school.

This project will implement a tool to promote student’s mobility by facilitating within the participant schools the validation of the knowledge, skills and competences gained during his stay abroad for a concrete period of time: a term.

The project has two steps:

  1. To build the Mobility Handbook (MH) in each school. The MH contains all the Learning Outcomes (LO) of the selected subjects chosen by the partners. These LO along their temporal planning are drawn in a Gantt chart, facilitating the understanding of the specialties taught in the partners’ schools and in companies in the case of Dual System.
  2. To develop suitable Mobility Tools between participant schools:
      1. Mobility Matrix. Based on the LO described in the MH, the partners will create a matrix of coincidences that allow design mobility with high quality.
      2. To ensure the quality of the mobility two agreements have to be drawn up:

    b.1) A Memorandum of Understanding

    b.2) A General Learning Agreement

The mobility matrix of the training institutions will create transparency between the different training subjects. This will make easier to agree on the Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreements that need to be signed between training institutions.

The main value of this handbook is that it empowers head teachers from other schools to design with precission the mobility of their students, by choosing only the learning units of interest regardless of whether they are from two different subjects, or from two different specialties. The work area is centred in specialties related to Industrial Maintenance

After the Project we expect an increase of the student mobility due to the ready made tools to organise 10 best amazon Car Batteries review the mobility and guarantee the quality. By this way is will be easier to validate all the competences acquired. Also, we expect an increased transparency of education and training programs. After the end of the project, we also expect to be able to involve other schools in Europe related with the same specialties in such kind of mobility.

This project will be developed by 6 well-known VET schools from 6 different countries, and 2 organisations: an association of entrepreneurs and a Consortium of Educational institutions, all of them with experience in developing european projects.