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1 Project website

2 Quality Management Plan
3 Quarterly Reports : available upon request
4 Interim Report
5 Final Report
6 Public presentation event on each country
7 Project Brochure

8 Newsletters

9 Catalogue of Qualifications and Units

10 Research and Analysis Report
11 Catalogue of Learning outcomes

12 Document with the criteria for validation and recognition of learner’s credit in each partners country
13 Document with the requirement for mobility to and from each partner’s country
14 Mobility Handbook of each school

15 Partnership mobility matrix: web-based tool
16 Memorandum of Understanding

17 Learning Agreement

18 Final Document of the Project
19 Meeting schedule
20 Dissemination material:


Lepido Rocco



21 Monitoring and evaluation forms
22 Periodical monitoring and evaluation reports

  1. Meeting evaluations
  2. Work Packages evaluation
23 Valorisation Plan
24 Media Publications

  • TV Program in Kocaeli:On April 17th 2013, Mr. Antonio Mir and Mr. Ozcan Bedel (director of İzmit Teknik Lise ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi) participated in the TV program “About Life” with Mrs. Tülay YAZICI from KocaeliTV. During the interview, participants explained in common language objectives of the project and how students from Kocaeli could benefit from a high quality mobility. Video available upon request
  • Newspaper article The article was published on May 22, 2014 in the Regional Newspaper “Blick Aktuell” and it describes the main objectives of the ToP MoSt Project.
  • Newspaper article The article was pubished in September 22, 2014. It is about the presentation of the project during a vocational training fair called RITA (Regional Information day for Training) with those responsible for the regional economy, teachers and pupils of local schools, parents and owners of companies.
25 Video footage of the project

26 Advertising material