General Video of the Project

October 27th, 2014. Antonio Mir participated presented the results of the ToPMoSt project at the Annual Conference of the Global College Network. The conference was held in Kyoto-Japan and it was attended by representatives of colleges from Europe, North America and Asia. Mr Mir presented the benefits of Mobility Projects funded by the European Union and how the ToP MoSt project contributes to achieve excellence during students and teachers mobility.collage
October 22 – 25 2014 ToP MoSt in EfVET. Ms. Annejet Goede from ROC-WB participated in the 23rd Annual international EfVET Conference that was held in Porto, Portugal from the 22ndto 15th October 2014. Ms Goede organised a round table about the European Projects ROC-WB is involved. She presented the objectives and results achieved of ToP MoSt. The complete program of the conference is available here
MEC newsletterOctober 17th 2014. Maintenance Education Consortium published an article in its newsletter informing about the results and main benefits of the ToP MoSt project. To read the article, please click here
September 22, 2014. A Newspaper article was published about RITA training fair in which the ToP MoSt Project was presented
September 20, 2014 Presentation of the project Topmost during a vocational training fair called RITA (Regional Information day for Training) with those responsible for the regional economy, teachers and pupils of local schools, parents and owners of companies. About 400 pupils of classes 8, 9 and 10 who wanted to inform themselves about apprenticeships an the possibility of student exchange participated in the fair and they were informed about the project and the benefits of the Mobility Newtork.RITA dos
September 2014 ToP MoSt USB sticks
August 25, 2014 Project Banner in English
August 25,2014 Project Banner in German
August 8, 2014  Project Flyer in German
August 8,2014   Project Flyer in English
July 2nd, 2014. Three teachers from the School Francisco Franco of Funchal, on the island of Madeira (Portugal), visited Xabec, accompanied by the Director of Vocational Training and with the Erasmus Coordinator of Juan Comenius school (Valencia).  The visit was part of VETPRO mobility, for which our Portuguese colleagues have known the operation of vocational training in Spain, the Dual system, and the developlent of several european funded project. In Xabec the director of the project explained the objectives, results achived and future impact of the ToP MoSt project, and the possibility of joining the network we are creating.
June 13th, 2014. Izmit Technical and Vocational High School particpated in “Izmit Best Educational Practices Conference – 2014”. This is an important regional conference in which educational organisations from Izmit present the results of the innovative projects they are developing.
 On May 29th, 2014 During the Graduation Ceremony of Xabec, the director Mr. Antonio Mir presented the international department and the ToI projects in which Xabec is involved.
In his presentation Mr. Mir stressed the importance of the international dimension of the school, and how the ToP MoSt project will allow Xabec’s students and teachers to participate in high quality European mobility projects
May 22, 2014. An article about ToP MoSt project was published in the regional newspaper “Blick Aktuell”. This newspaper is published weekly with an edition of 11.000 copies and distributed in the region.
TOPMOST_Newspaper May 22 EPaperImage
May 16th 2014. During the annual conference of the InnMain network, Wim Appels from Markiezaat Colleg and Antonio Mir from Xabec Vocational Training Centre presented the main results of the ToP-MoSt project and how InnMain partners could benefit from the on-line tool that is being developed in the project. They also encouraged InnMain partners to become part of the mobility network and use the Common Learning Outocomes for students mobility under the Erasmus+ program.
Annual conference minutes are available herefoto collage
On May 15th 2014, Xabec presented the ToPMoSt project to the partners of the Safe Arrival Project. GTI vocational training centre from Ireland was interested in the mobility tool as it facilitates the planning of mobility of their students of Computing and Engineering. In the activity participated Ms. Geraldine Gibbons principal of the school and Mr. John mc Loughlin director of Adult education. A more detailed presentation will be done in Valencia next February when partners of the SAP project visit our school
April 10 2014. Markiezaat College hosted the fourth international meeting of the project, and they use this ocasion to publish an article to present the project to teachers and students of their academic community.. The artile is available herefoto_newsletter
November 22, 2013. Xabec Vocational Training Center presented November 2013 the ToPMoSt project at the Annual Conference of the Global College Network. This network consist of a group of VET centres from different countries around the world that deliver a wide range of qualifications.
The presentation had the ambition to inform the training centres how they can join the ToPMoSt network by identifying the interesting Leaning Outcomes that are described in the project and including their own in the mobility matrix. They were also invited to propose more modules and qualifications in a second stage.
By making a joint presentation with other projects they created added value where ToPMoSt was an important part of the total picture. By bringing the Leonardo da Vinci projects ToPMoSt, one2one, Jubilee, and SAP, and the mobility projects the GCN partners understood the synergy of the program.GCN
October 3rd, /2013 Project Banner
October 2nd, 2013 Meeting with Veneto Region Labour Department Authorities
September 30, 2013. The President of the Valencia Region, Mr. Alberto Fabra and the Regional Ministry of Education Mrs. Ma Jose Catalá visited Xabec Vocational Center for the opening ceremony of the academic year in Vocational Education.
In this framework we made a brief presentation of the ToPMoSt project with the aim to show the advantages of high quality mobility based in the common learning of the training centers involved in the project.
September 20, 2013. Lepido Rocco Association organised in Treviso a dissemination meeting with representatives of different Veneto Region VET centresTreviso Tres
September 19, 2013. Mr. Wim Apples from Markiezaat College presented the ToP MoSt project during the conference of the Euriac project in Kungsbacka (Sweden)
September 4, 2013. René Strijbosch of MEC did a presentation of the TopMost project in a workshop at the World Maintenance Forum in Lugano (Swittzerland). The workshop was about the maintenance education framework that has been realised by MEC and the impact of the international project results on the structure of the LifeLong Learning programs. TopMost has been presented as one of the projects that will make Maintenance more interesting for youngster because of the aim of the project to increase the quality of mobility of students. Besides the Mobility Handbook will improve the transparency of the maintenance programs in the countries.Lugano
September 2nd, 2013 İzmit Technical and Vocational High School organised a conference to inform about the benefits of ToP MoSt to the school’s Teachers. More than 200 people attended the event.dos
June 18 2013 – Dissemination meeting with Associacion Lepido Rocco’s teachers in  Caorle. Three of them are labour union representativesCaorle Dos

June 18 2013. During the meeting “We mean business” held in Brussels Mr. Antonio Mir had an interview with Mr. Paul Tzimas from the DG Education and Culture at the European Commission and Ms Alison Crab Deputy Head of Unit, Vocational Training and Adult Learning at European Commission.In the interview, Mr. Mir explained the aims and outcomes of the ToP MoSt project, which fitted perfectly with the objectives of the meeting. As a result, Mr Tzimas asked Mr Mir to present the project to the whole audience of the “We mean business” meeting


June 13, 2013 Xabec´s Project Flyer- English
June 13, 2013 Xabec’s Project Flyer – Spanish

May 30, 2013 The project director, Mr. Antonio Mir, led the Public Presentation of MoSt ToP project in Valencia. This event was attended by teachers, parents and students from Xabec Vocational Training Centre as well as educational authorities from Valencia Region and representatives from the Companies that work with the school.

Mr. Mir, presented the objectives and results of the project and the immediate impact it will have on the quality of the mobility of students and teachers, and the long-term impact that these mobilities have on the employability of Xabec’s students.


May 16, 2013. Mr. Stefan Gustav from HWK presented the ToP MoSt project in Sofia in the First international meeting for establishing an expert group in the field of vocational education and training .

Mr Gustav participated as an invited expert on Dual System in Germany. He participated in the foundatin of a working group to force in these countries an alternating training and also the development of common training modules In this context, he presented ToP MoSt project . Click here to download the slides.

May 15, 2013. Mr. Antonio Mir presented the main features of the project during the first InnMain Annual Conference that was held in Palma de Mallorca. The key issue discussed in the conference was the relationship between educative institutions and VET schools. The meeting was atteded by  Mr. José Ramón Bauzá, President of Balearic Islands, and other relevant representatives of the Government and Companies of Mallorca.

In one of the workshops, Mr. Ignacio Ferrer presented the methodology we are following to develop the Mobility Handbook as well as the outcomes and expected impact of the project. He invited all InnMain Partners to join the project.


Video of the Goverment of the Balearic Islands about the event.

April 22nd, 2013 İzmit Technical and Vocational High School organised a seminar to disseminate ToP MoSt project among students. About 250 people attende the seminar

Mr. Antonio Mir and Mr. Ozcan Bedel (director of İzmit Teknik Lise ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi) participated in the TV program “About Life” with Mrs. Tülay YAZICI from KocaeliTV. During the interview, participants explained in common language objectives of the project and how students from Kocaeli could benefit from a high quality mobility.


April 17, 2013 Mr. Antonio Mir, director of the Project; Mr. Ozcan Bedel, director of İzmit Teknik Lise ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi and Mr. Haluk Giray teacher of İzmit Teknik Lise ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi atended a Meeting with Mr. Enver DÜZ – EU Coordinator, Governorship of Kocaeli.

Mr. DÜZ office is in charge of promoting EU funded projects in Kocaeli Región. He showed great interest in the Project objectives and he stressed the importance of high quality mobility for Turkish VET students.

EU Coordinator, Governorship of Kocaeli.

April 17 2013 Mr. Antonio Mir, director of the Project; Mr. Ozcan Bedel, director of İzmit Teknik Lise ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi and Mr. Haluk Giray teacher of İzmit Teknik Lise ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi atended a Meeting with Mr. Nevzat Isprili- Director of Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education
Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education
April 15th 2013 ToP MoSt is on the first page of Izmit Vocational School website
March 20th, 2013 – Lepido Rocco Association organised a dissemination meeting in Pramaggiore
March 2013 Project Poster
February 11, 2013. Dudley College International Briefing
January 2013. Dudley College International Newsletter
December 4th, 2012 -Lepido Rocco Association organised a first dissemination meeting with the participation of the Director of the Association, one teacher and two companies representatives
October 30, 2012. Mr. Antonio Mir, Director of the Project had a meeting with Mrs. Emilia Torán, she is the CHIEF OF THE MANAGEMENT SERVICE OF VOCATIONAL TRAINING of the Department of Education, Training and Employment of the Valencia Region.During this meeting, Mr. Mir presented the objectives of the project as well as the partners involved in it. Mrs. Torán is a key person in the development of the educative policies in the Valencia region and the was very interested in the results of the project.